There are times when my thoughts, worries, or just thinking gets in the way, I recall the words of Jonny Kest, Owner of the Center for Yoga in Michigan to “get out of you own way.”

When we encounter a situation or a roadblock it is more oftent that we overthink, over do, or get stuck by our own constraints of the mind. If we let go of the attachment to the situation, we can focus the mind beyond solutioning to a mind of resolving.

In a passage from Running with the Mind of Meditation by Sakyong Mipham it is said
“Mindfulness brings contentment and satisfaction. We need nothing but what we have, like a tiger preening. The tiger is very present. When we are very present, we project more health and power. We feel mentally at ease: quite simply we are happier…”

So staying mindful in all we do can bring peace, harmony, health, and resolve.

What are some things you do to stay mindful?
Do you meditate, pray, or find quiet throughout your day?


About TriYogaDude

Runner, Triathlete and Yoga Teacher E-RYT200, YACEP, Yoga Teacher Trainer Faculty
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1 Response to Mindfulness

  1. Vamshi says:

    I read the sample of the book you mentioned (running with mind of meditation) on kindle, now I am tempted to buy it after you mentioned it in your blog.

    Very inspiring banner picture and great thoughts Jerome. Loved reading them.

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