Yoga Compliments Work Life


My “profession” is as a price analyst and continuous improvement leader in the business world. My passion is YOGA, and triathlons.
So how do these compliment each other?

In the business world everything can and should be improved. And every person and situation starts at a different level of need and complexity

The same is true for Yoga. Every person comes to yoga for different reasons and all start at a different place in their life and practice. They are creating and opportunity to improve their life. In some way as a yoga teacher I have the joy of helping them.
As #JonnyKest guides our Lifepower program that we make connections not corrections my role as a yoga teacher is really as a coach. The seven guidelines of making connections:
Set the environment
Clear and simple directions
Breath and movement
Guide students to their edge
Soften around the edge
Present Studies and Benefits
Moments of Silence

are important in teaching yoga as they are in coaching an improvement project at work

When I start practicing yoga it was to reduce injury and gain flexibility. Now I have found my work life compliments my yogic life and my yogic life compliments my work life.




About TriYogaDude

Runner, Triathlete and Yoga Teacher E-RYT200, YACEP, Yoga Teacher Trainer Faculty
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1 Response to Yoga Compliments Work Life

  1. I also feel like yoga really compliments my professional work life. 🙂

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