Off the Beaten Path

My plan for Saturday was to get up at 5 am, eat a light breakfast and arrive and the W&OD trail in Ashburn at 6 am to run 6 to 8 miles.

I awoke at 5:37 am but did not get out of bed til 5:55 am. After putting in my contacts I went downstairs had a banana, juice, and vitamins. By the time I headed out it was 6:15 am. As I backed the car out of the garage I realized I left my road id and watch in the house. Yes I was a bit scatter brained.

As I headed out a revised plan came to mind. Rather than head to Ashburn I would start in Leesburg at Harrison Rd. By the time I parked, got my gear I changed the plan with my first step. No running on the W&OD today. Time to run the roads of Leesburg.

The first 1/2 mile was mostly up hill to Tuscaroa Mill, an area with many small shops, restaurants, a yoga studio, and the start line of many races in Leesburg. Turning up Loudon street, all uphill, I came the center of town. My run took me down Loudoun street, Dry Mill road around Loudoun County HS, down Catocin to. Old Waterford rd at the entrance of the Va Tech Equine center back through Leesburg to my original start point.

Not the photog like my friend DebRuns the sites were many I had not experienced before though we have lived here for 6 yearrs. Fire stations, churches, subdivisions, scents,many sounds. And of course the local triathlon shop Transition Triathlon and bike shop Bicycle Outfitters.

After my run I was dripping wet from the humidity including my new Mizuno Paradox from Potomac River Running.

I finished with a light yoga practice at the Raflo park pavilion, a little park that many users of the trail stop by for a potty stop, water or enjoy some shade before proceeding along their way.

Most Saturday runs are all typically on the WOD starting from Ashburn.  The change of pace and routine going off the beaten path has set this Saturday one I will to forget


About TriYogaDude

Runner, Triathlete and Yoga Teacher E-RYT200, YACEP, Yoga Teacher Trainer Faculty
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1 Response to Off the Beaten Path

  1. It sounds like you had a great run! It’s good to be able to transition into “plan B” at a moments notice!

    I drove to Point of Rocks for a ten-miler on the C&O Canal yesterday, and then Bill and I met a friend to accompany her on her 16-miler this morning (I ran ten miles again). Two ten-milers in a row set me up for a delightful afternoon nap today! 🙂

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