I greet yoga each day as a friend I can release my deepest wounds to without judgement or commentary.  Not anger or hurtful, but solace and calm.  Staying with breath to relax the mind, open my heart.

Awakening, just awakening to follow the path God has set forth.  HIS path that guides me. Not to turning away but to follow.  And along this path to accept, embrace and awaken to that to The Divine.

St Jude is the patron saint of the lost cause.  Ganesha removes obstacles.  Faith and practice bring it all together.

Last week someone wrote me “You’re beautiful…precisely as the divine intended!”  I’m not sure I believed that completely last week.  But it’s progressing.

One cannot expect to heal without caring for the wound. Let our practice be our medicine. Our breath to wash the wound, asana and pranayama as the ointment and dressing, meditation to observe and release allowing the healing to progress.  Not in an instant but over time.  Rushing healing is like pulling the bandage off too soon.  It will happen over the course.

The wounds we have carried over time did not happen in an instant.  Do not rush it.  But nurture.


About TriYogaDude

Runner, Triathlete and Yoga Teacher E-RYT200, YACEP, Yoga Teacher Trainer Faculty
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