Be True to Yourself First

108 Sun Salutes

“Be True to Yourself”  I’ve heard and read this many times but never really comprehended what it meant.  How? In what way? And how do I know if I am or aren’t?

Some days are just great but lately everything seems to be a struggle.  Well not everything, my meditation practice is getting easier to make time to sit, my yoga asana practice is consistent, I still enjoy running, and biking.  And hope to get into the pool more.  But something is missing.

My work focus is not what it should be.  I lose concentration as I drift like from one feeling to the next during the day.  The company I work for is being sold so this may be contributing as I do not know if my department will remain.

But how to ‘Be True to Myself’ first.

Write it Down – Spend time exploring the feelings you are having.  Journal or just write down what you are feeling and why?  Sometimes it’s hard to verbally express them to someone, even someone close, for fear of judgement.  If you’ve been hurt before by telling someone you’ll likely to hold it in.  Even repressing the feelings.  Writing in a journal does not have to be fancy or even grammatically correct.  I find if I try to write a certain “correct” way, I get stuck.  Just let it flow.

Feelings are not Wrong – Has anyone said “You’re not supposed to feel that way.”   Feelings we have are never wrong.  WE have a specific way of feeling with every experience.  And whether someone else believes it not right to feel a certain way, they are misguided.  Hell they’re wrong.  I was once told I should not feel sad about losing a pet.   Well why the hell not.  The dog was a part of my family.  It was like losing a loved one.  Explore your feelings and if someone says “You’re not supposed to feel that way.”, then you have to power to tell them how you feel about THAT!!!

Be Honest – Do you hold back, not tell the whole truth.  Swerve around issues or uncomfortable situations?   Being honest, from my point of view, is about being open and truthful in all you say and do.  Be available for feedback and don’t hide it or think it will blow over.   It will come back to haunt you.  It always does.  With social media and search engines you never know where you’ll turn up.

Allow Yourself Time – “Time is the one thing I need but never have.”   Allow yourself time to develop and be open.  When I do not have enough time, I then know I need to reassess all the stuff I am doing.  I am not a list maker and oh do I have hard time saying NO.  Which gets me into more hot water than I realize until it’s a rolling boil.  It’s easy to say and harder to do.

Be Compassionate with Yourself – It’ OK.  Don’t beat yourself up.   Create a mantra, an affirmation of the best parts of you.  Write it down and carry it with you where ever you go.  Yes even to bed.  Laminate it to protect it.  If it becomes tattered or torn, it most likely will at some point, write down again.

Say it to yourself and let others know what it is.  Change it if you feel the need.  But never stop.

Now I am not a doctor, philosopher, or have any formal training.  This comes from the heart.  The center of my experiences.  Hopefully you find something that helps.




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Runner, Triathlete and Yoga Teacher E-RYT200, YACEP, Yoga Teacher Trainer Faculty
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