Your Dharma

We are given our Dharma at birth.
It is not a gift it is our vocation, our purpose , our calling. We cannot hear it but we can feel it. We can reject it and move on another path. But in some way we will be drawn to it if we allow our Self to be open. Removed of the boundaries of what we think we should be doing. Or what we Want to do.
Have you ever looked at another being a felt the call the need to be their light.
That’s it!!
It won’t be easy. It won’t be monetarily rewarding. But no great being ever set out to be great !

It was through love gratitude kindness and joy that they practiced their Dharma

They became great beings in our eyes not their own.

Give it Send it. Don’t expect anything in return. Yet what does come your way use in service to turn it around back into the universe.

You will break a little to let the light in. But once that light ignites you, you take this new light into the world

Just BE



About TriYogaDude

Runner, Triathlete and Yoga Teacher E-RYT200, YACEP, Yoga Teacher Trainer Faculty
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