4 Lives Changed Today

Not counting just sayin’

1 – A teacher from my YTT taught her first class. Ashtanga – It was a start and she did awesome. The first class is always the nerve racking one.

2 – A yoga teacher from our area that teaches Hatha, Pranayama, and meditation took her very first Ashtanga class. Ever. – She loved it and judged herself until the teacher (see #1) added the nugget that there is no judgment in yoga). She said she normally only does 1 Sun A in her practice and teaching

3 – A woman came in to take the meditation class. 20 minute sit. As I spoke to her about Anapana (breath awareness) she said she is in restorative justice work (prison system) and signed up for 10 day Vipassana but never went. And when she saw the Meetup I created for meditation she knew the universe was telling her come. Afterward she said it was exactly what she needed and would be back. She told me she is member of Gym but she was not ready to do yoga there. She enjoyed the fact we were in a TaeKwonDo school

4 – Me. My practice changed today. Not on the mat but off as a I continue to follow my dharma path to bring yoga into the community. These 3 people changed me/ transformed me to really understand that my dharma is where I am to be heading. My true North.

Thank you also to Janelle Pham and H.K. Lee Academy of TaeKwonDo for giving us the opportunity to bring yoga into your community

 — at H.K. Lee Academy of TaeKwonDo.tkd


About TriYogaDude

Runner, Triathlete and Yoga Teacher E-RYT200, YACEP, Yoga Teacher Trainer Faculty
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